Jan 152016

Organization: Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 31 Jan 2016

BiRD is currently looking for two experts in the justice sector for the position of Provincial Coordinator for the following GIZ Justice Sector project in Zambia:

Civil Society Participation Programme (co-financed by EU „Programme for legal Empowerment and Enhanced Justice Delivery)“

The objective of the project is:

“Improve justice delivery for all, and enhance respect for, and protection and fulfilment of human rights”.

The project will focus on two expected result areas:

(1) Strengthened legal empowerment of rights-holders and access to legal assistance in civil and criminal cases with specific attention to the differentiated needs, situations and requirements of women, children and persons with disabilities; and

(2) Strengthened policy and institutional frameworks and coordination amongst stakeholders for efficient, effective and inclusive justice delivery.

Key tasks:

  • Provision of technical and organizational advice on paralegal services (establishment of paralegal help desks in subordinate courts, prisons, police stations and in communities) and on the establishment of a public justice service monitoring tool

  • Facilitation of trainings and developing capacity of paralegal service providers (technical, organizational and methodological advisory services)

  • Preparation of change projects, related financing agreements and local subsidies with local paralegal service providers, implementation of approaches defined by senior advisors in Lusaka, monitoring of partner activities on a regular basis, reporting to component leader

  • Facilitation of co-operation between the Police, Prisons, National Prosecution Authority, LAB and the Judiciary, CSOs, paralegals and legal aid providers through the Communication, Coordination and Cooperation Initiative – CCCI

  • Assisting paralegal service providers at provincial level in outreach activities related to awareness raising on possibilities to utilize paralegal services

Key qualifications:

  • University degree in law or similar field of studies

  • At least 3 years of practical experience in the field of law

  • At least 2 years of practical experience in Sub-Saharan Africa in organizational development and capacity building for CSOs or government institutions.

Furthermore, given the prominent professional role it is essential that the long-term expert has either already been trained in Capacity WORKS, or undergoes training by a GIZ-accredited multiplier before the commencement of the project/programme.

How to apply:

Applications and updated CVs are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted before 31 January, 2016 to:

Please note that only excellent experts meeting most or all of the above criteria and having an excellent and verifiable track record will be considered.

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