Apr 082016

Organization: Medical Care Development International
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 24 Apr 2016

Background Medical Care Development International (MCDI) is an international NGO with over 30 years’ experience in health development projects, primarily in Africa. MCDI is an implementing partner for MalariaCare, a USAID-funded program that aims to achieve universal diagnosis and appropriate case management for malaria by strengthening the capacity of malaria-affected countries at all levels of the health system to provide high-quality diagnostic and treatment services for malaria and other febrile illnesses.

Roles and Responsibilities, specific duties: The MalariaCare/Zambia Technical Advisor-Diagnostics (TA) will provide technical and managerial leadership to facilitate timely implementation of MalariaCare Zambia’s annual work plan. He or she will work closely with in-country partners, including the Ministry of Health and the National Malaria Control Center, the PMI/Zambia team, and other stakeholders in malaria diagnostics. This is a local hire position.

Duties will include:

MalariaCare/Zambia Project Team Management – Overseeing the work of the MalariaCare/Zambia project team, ensuring that work plans are adhered to, deliverable schedules are met and that relevant technical standards are adhered to.

Enhanced Diagnostics Supervision Process – Developing and implementing an enhanced supervision process in Zambia, based on mentoring concepts, for malaria diagnostics and case management in MOH and FBO health facilities, in coordination with the NMCC and the MOH. S/he will identify and recommend approaches for integration of activities with other vertical programs in the efforts to improve diagnostics and case management.

Enhanced Laboratory Diagnosis – Assisting in the coordination of Outreach Supervision training of supervisors, scheduling of Outreach Supervision visits, preparations for the creation of a national malaria slide archive; and development and implementation of a quality assurance protocol based on the mentoring concepts (and on-site training/supervision) developed for case management. The TA will facilitate annual Malaria Diagnostics Refresher Trainings (MDRTs) for OTSS supervisors and laboratory staff.

Addressing Barriers to Desired Behavior – Coordinating qualitative research, including identifying the reasons for which clinicians do not adhere to RDT negative results and microscopy negative results, and adapting messages and materials promote desired behaviors at the facility and other levels.

Deliverables – Deliverables will include, but not necessarily be limited to contributing to the development of the annual workplan for Zambia; monthly workplans, along with detailed budgets; weekly written updates on the work undertaken and training materials based on mentoring concepts.

The TA will undertake other activities as determined by the needs of the NMCC, PMI Zambia, and in consultation with the MalariaCare team.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

· Significant experience in managing health/development projects, preferably USAID-funded and in the field of malaria diagnostics or malaria control

· Academic credentials: Biomedical scientist, with 3-4 years of formal training. Ideal weight of administration/technical skills would be 50% admin and 50% technical (either clinical and/or lab experience in diagnosis of infectious diseases).

· Knowledge of procedures for laboratory diagnosis of malaria; experience with the use of qualitative techniques, e.g., supervisory checklists, for observation.

· Good interpersonal skills, team player, able to work under stress.

· Computer literacy to include familiarity with Windows® programs for word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and electronic communication.

· Excellent verbal and written communications; English proficiency a must

How to apply:

Individuals with the specified training, skills and experience should submit a current CV, cover letter, contact information, a completed USAID 1420 biodata form, and the names and contact information for three professional references to:

The subject line should read “Zambia Technical Advisor for Malaria Diagnostics”

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