Jan 062017

Organization: Global Health Corps
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 18 Jan 2017

Position Overview:

The Health Research Officer will be based in Lusaka and will have the opportunity to gain experience in operations research with a world-leading reproductive health institution by working with senior research analysts to assist with qualitative and quantitative data analysis and policy research. The Health Research Officer will utilize datasets (including interviews, focus group transcripts, household surveys, health facility assessments, and facility utilization data) in order to answer a public health research question formulated based on his/her interests. The fellow will then work with Population Council staff to develop and execute a research agenda, with the ultimate goal of presenting research findings and submitting a manuscript for peer review.


  • Work closely with a senior analyst to identify a public health research topic that is relevant to the Population Council’s goals and focuses on quantitative, qualitative, or policy analysis
  • Collaborate with a senior analyst to develop, implement, and execute an appropriate research agenda
  • Upon completion of research and analyses, formally present findings to a variety of stakeholders
  • Develop a manuscript of completed research and analyses to submit to peer reviewed publications

Desired Skills and Experience:
Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required

  • Bachelor’s degree*
    • Preferred: Master’s degree in relevant field (e.g. applied informatics, public health, epidemiology, economics, demography, or similar social science program)
    • Other degree programs will be considered if the applicant can explain how their course of study is relevant to reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, or programs for financial literacy and health among adolescents
  • Knowledge of global health issues*
  • A practical understanding of Stata analytic package, or qualitative software
  • Experience in quantitative, qualitative, OR policy analysis. This includes one of the following:
  • Quantitative analysis: experience with analytic software packages – R and Stata are preferred, although individuals with SPSS experience or other database management systems will be considered
  • Qualitative analysis: experience with market analysis or healthcare interviews; experience using NVivo is preferred, although manual analysis of interview and focus group transcripts is acceptable
  • Policy analysis: documentation of prior experience and ability to produce policy briefs and reports on healthcare finance
  • Self-starter with proven ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Strong project management skills
  • Ability to learn on the job is highly valued

How to apply:

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Tipical Questions
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