Oct 112017

Organization: ICAP
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 31 Dec 2017


The Quality Improvement (QI) Advisor will work closely with the Ministry of Health and the MOH Quality Assurance (QA) MOH lead, and other implementing partners to design, lead and manage a Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC) at multiple health facilities in Lusaka Urban District. The QI Advisor will lead the QIC training and coaching, implementation and supportive supervision of QI projects, and evaluation of QI initiatives, and will liaise closely with the QI team at ICAP headquarters.


The QI Advisor will:

  • Support and contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of the QI Collaborative at multiple health facilities in Zambia.

  • Assist in strategic planning and work plan development, and Document QIC training and technical assistance activities and help to produce and disseminate technical reports, guides, manuals, success stories, and other written materials.

  • Facilitate and Ensure clear, regular and systematic communication and collaboration between Donors, MOH, and all other project stakeholders in order to achieve country level QIC project objectives*.*

  • Develop and update QIC related training and technical assistance activities, including but not limited to: assisting with the design, delivery and management of the QIC training and capacity building initiatives.

  • Provide hands-on leadership and support for both face-to-face training session and on site QI coaching and evaluating training sessions, workshops, webinars, and other QIC training projects.

  • Lead and facilitate monthly facility site supportive supervision*,* QI coaching, mentoring and implementation support for site level QI projects to all participating QIC health facilities monthly.

  • Liaise with M&E staff for development of QIC M&E systems including indicator development, data collection tools and SOPs, data management systems, data quality assurance policies and procedures, data review and analysis. Prepare QI related data for presentation for a diverse range of audiences.

  • Contribute to project protocol development and coordinate IRB submission activities through Columbia University, Donors and Local IRB organizations.


  • An advanced degree (MD, RN, MPH) in Medicine, Nursing, Public Health or related field including experience in low-resource settings is required;

  • Demonstrated success in leading formal quality improvement and QIC projects using the Model for Improvement or similar methods is strongly preferred;

  • Expertise in education, training, curriculum development, training evaluation, and/or institutional capacity building would be a plus.


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience and demonstrated expertise in the implementation of health programs in Zambia

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant QI activities in low-resource settings

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant adult education and/or training experience

  • Demonstrated proficiency in data analysis and presentation skills

  • Demonstrated experience in synthesizing and disseminating best practices and lessons learned to government officials, implementers and key stakeholders

  • Demonstrated computer skills, including proficiency with Word and PowerPoint and the ability to rapidly process and analysis data using MS Excel are required

  • Fluency in written and spoken English

  • Demonstrated talent in writing technical content and training materials

  • Experience working with complex programs involving short deadlines and multiple tasks, in coordination with multiple partners to achieve program results

How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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