Oct 172017

Organization: DAI Global
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 10 Nov 2017

Project Background:

The Feed the Future Southern Africa Seed Trade Project (the Seed Trade Project) facilitates seed trade across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region by providing technical assistance in the implementation of seed variety testing, registration and release, seed certification and quality assurance, and quarantine and phytosanitary measures for seed. The Seed Trade Project supports activities in Feed the Future focus and aligned countries in the SADC region, including Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

It is necessary to inform activities with: 1) the current status of efforts by the government ministries and agencies of member-states to domesticate the SADC Harmonized Seed Regulations (HSR); 2) the current activities and thinking of seed companies and national seed associations to use the SADC varietal registration and seed certification scheme in their business operations in SADC countries; 3) the status of SADC member-state domestication of SADC harmonization and seed company plans to use the SADC varietal registration and seed certification scheme; 4) the presence and programs of other donor and organizational initiatives that are currently working to harmonize seed regulations, build capacities of public seed certification agencies, public phytosanitary inspection and quarantine for seed pests and diseases, private seed inspection and certification services, and improved customs handling and reporting of seed traded across SADC borders.


The Strategic Communications Manager will oversee project communications and reporting, internally and externally. Reporting directly to the Chief of Party and liaising as needed with USAID regional and country mission representatives, other USG organizations, SADC and bilateral national partners and stakeholders, the Strategic Communications Manager is responsible for planning, initiating and managing the full breadth of the marketing and outreach activities of the project, with a strong focus on capturing and promoting the reach and impact of the project.

S/he will provide day‐to‐day management of Seed Trade’s communications, reporting, knowledge management, and outreach for Seed Trade’s many stakeholders. S/he will additionally support Seed Trade-sponsored events, such as national and international conferences and events, by organizing, branding, and producing required informational materials and facilitating business participation.

Responsibilities and Key Tasks:


· Plan and execute the project’s overall communications strategy (internal and external) and messaging.

· Oversee the process of developing contractual deliverables and provide quality assurance related to informational content and product development (e.g., PPTs, fact sheets, case studies, brochures, profiles), weekly, quarterly and annual reporting on the project’s progress.

· Coordinate high-profile events, delegations, and field visits by US government agencies, bilateral missions, international organizations and donors, regional economic communities (RECs), embassies, and local partners and stakeholders.

  • Represent Seed Trade at events and meetings as required and liaise with relevant stakeholders, including institutional and private sector partners, to increase visibility and maximize coordination.
  • Liaise and coordinate closely with the SADC Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) Directorate and the SADC Seed Centre regarding informational product development and distribution.

· Manage programmatic events, trade shows, exhibitions and initiatives (e.g., conferences and other events).

· Support communications with the USAID/Southern Africa Regional Economic Growth Office (REGO), the USAID Director of Communications Office (DOC), USAID bilateral missions, Feed the Future, and other USG agencies regarding project implementation, knowledge management, and information dissemination.

· Promote the project’s and USAID’s visibility and profile across various outlets.

  • Develop, approve and update promotional materials to ensure program materials are branded correctly and consistently.
  • Assist with the building of the capacity of Seed Trade staff to develop content from project activities; support staff with templates and reporting guidelines as need be.

  • Ensure program events and successes are appropriately promoted to USAID.

Knowledge Management (KM)

  • Operationalize the Seed Trade KM strategy, including proactive development and dissemination of knowledge management materials to actively engage stakeholders.
  • Lead project-wide initiatives to foster continual collaboration, learning and adaptation of the KM strategy to ensure quality and improvement.
  • Manage and store all documents in DAI’s management information system (TAMIS) and as appropriate, on the Seed Trade website.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

The Strategic Communications Manager will oversee short-term technical consultants contributing to the communications and knowledge management strategies on the project, such as graphic designers and videographers.

Place of Performance and Reporting:

The Strategic Communications Manager will be based in Zambia and will report to the Chief of Party.


· At least 8 years of progressively responsible experience in communications, reporting, communications product development, and knowledge management for USAID or other international donor-funded programs.

· Demonstrated experience designing communications plans, developing and implementing knowledge management tools or systems, and developing content for social media platforms.

· Experience working collaboratively with institutional and private‐sector partners and stakeholders in a multi‐country setting, preferably in Southern Africa.

· USAID project experience and USG client relations experience.

· Fluency in English to include excellent written and oral communications skills; demonstrated experience preparing well-researched reports.

· Proficiency with MS Office (Word and Power Point), graphic arts and desktop publishing software a plus.

· Master’s degree in communications, international relations/development or business/marketing is preferred.

How to apply:

Please use the link to apply directly for the position:

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