Jun 092018

Organization: AFRODAD
Country: Zambia
Closing date: 25 Jun 2018



Call For Expression of Interest – “*Assessing the Political Economy Drivers of Illicit Financial Flows and Corruption and the Nexus between Corruption and Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Zambia”.*

The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) is seeking expressions of interest from qualified individuals/organisation for consultancy on “*Assessing the Political Economy Drivers of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) and Corruption and the Nexus between Corruption and Domestic Resource Mobilization in Zambia*.” The full ToRs are available to qualifying short listed candidates.


AFRODAD was established in 1996 as a pan African platform and organisation for lobbying and advocating for debt cancellation and addressing other debt related issues in Africa. Over the five-year period starting 2016, AFRODAD is and will be working with various key stakeholders to address the problems of debt and development in the following thematic areas on the continent: Debt Management, International Public Finance and Domestic Resource Mobilization.

AFRODAD seeks to undertake a study on “*Assessing the Political Economy Drivers of IFFs and Corruption and the Nexus between Corruption and Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Zambia*” to deepen understanding on the trends, drivers and implications of IFFs and Corruption on government revenues, economic development and social investment in Zambia. Retaining capital that is generated in Africa is an important part of the resources needed to finance the SDGs and the African Union Agenda 2063 among other initiatives. This assignment is expected to increase awareness among decision makers on how illicit capital flight and corruption can be reduced.

The specific objectives of the study are to:

  1. Assess and document the trends, drivers and implications of IFFs and corruption on government revenues among other development indicators in Zambia.

  2. Interrogate the link between IFFs and corruption and explore how this link manifests itself in Zambia.

  3. Assess the challenges for policymakers generated by IFFs and corruption and consider possible responses to the challenges.

  4. Produce a regional perspective/analysis that will inform advocacy strategies and messages at national and regional level

Brief description of the Assignment:

The services required under this assignment will include having a desk research and situational analysis of IFFs and corruption in Zambia which will lead to the production of a research report. The consultant is expected to gather available information on the drivers and trends of IFFs and corruption in Zambia, analyse and interpret the data as well as assess the possible implications of IFFs and corruption on Zambia’s national, regional and global social and economic developmental goals. The consultant will be required to produce a final research report on a date to be agreed with AFRODAD and proffer practical policy recommendations to curb IFFs and reduce corruption in Zambia.


The successful consultant is expected to start as soon as possible and will discuss a final work plan (complete with dates) with AFRODAD based on a realistic assessment of anticipated deliverables.

Role Related Experience, Skills and Knowledge

· Postgraduate degree in relevant areas of social sciences (economics, development studies);

· At least 5 years of relevant and proven experience at international level in their fields of expertise;

· Excellent writing and verbal communication skills;

· Previous experience in conducting/taking part in independent consultancy;

· Experience in writing articles, reports, briefings, that have reached a wide variety of audiences;

· Understanding of key debates and issues in development finance.

The working language will be English.

How to apply:

Application process

Interested candidates should send their application by the 25th of June 2018, to the email address: Please specify “Consultancy on IFFs and Corruption in Zambia” in the email subject line. Applications should include a detailed Curriculum Vitae also including:

• Information on sex, age, current residence and nationality;

• Expected consultancy fee; and,

• Availability between … and ….

Potential candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to: or

The closing date is 25th June 2018 and successful candidate must be prepared to start on a date to be agreed.

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